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Learning in Spring Term.

Our Year 3 students will embark on a creative journey as they craft narratives inspired by the enchanting world of the Great Kapok Tree. Through storytelling and imaginative expression, we aim to nurture their writing skills and instill a love for environmental themes. 

Our Year 3 students will be diving into the concepts of length and perimeter. Through interactive activities and practical applications, we aim to strengthen their understanding of measurement while building a solid foundation for mathematical problem-solving.

Our Year 3 students will delve into the fascinating world of plants in our science curriculum. Through hands-on experiments and exploration, we aim to cultivate a green thumb and nurture a lifelong curiosity about the wonders of the plant kingdom.

Our Year 3 students will embark on an exciting journey to explore the wonders of the rainforest. Through engaging activities and immersive lessons, we aim to foster a deep appreciation for biodiversity and environmental conservation.
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