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We are a happy, friendly school but have high expectations of all children in both work and behaviour. We have followed an initiative called Investors In Pupils. This focuses on high standards of children's learning and behaviour. Our rules are kept to a minimum and summed up by the Ireland Wood Way.

Good behaviour, politeness, effort, showing consideration, etc. are all rewarded on an individual basis with team points. With every increment of team points there is a different reward.



At Ireland Wood there are four teams which staff and pupils belong to.
They are: Oak, Willow, Beech and Elm.

Team Points
Children from Year 1 onwards can earn team points for their individual total and their home team in recognition of high standards of learning and behaviour in all aspects of school life.

Children receive prizes when they reach specific milestones:
75 team points = First Prize
150 team points = Second Prize
250 team points = Second Prize

Collective team points are collected weekly and the winning team is announced every Friday in Achievement Assembly. These weekly totals contribute to an overall winning team each half term. Children and staff in the winning team are invited to come in to school on the last day of term in non-uniform.

Inter-Team Competition
Throughout the year we organise lots of exciting inter-team competitions including Cross Country, Spelling Bee, Time Trials, Dodge Ball, and the School Council have recently suggested an Art competition.

Golden Time
At the end of every half term we reward good learning and behaviour with an afternoon of Golden Time. Each team is split into 3 team classes (with children ranging from reception up to Year 6) where they take part in a selection of fun activities based on a theme.

The positive approach does work extremely well. Our children behave well and school is an orderly place. There are instances when children do fall short of the Ireland Wood Way and we deal with this in an appropriate manner.