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Year 1

Our Spring topic is "I do like to be beside the Seaside!". The children will learn how to explore a world and UK map, gloibe and atlas. They will be able to use directional language to find the features on a map. They will also use aerial photographs to recognise human and physical features. In additiom they will take part in fieldwork lessons to observe features of the school grounds.


During our maths lessons, we will focus on addition and subtraction and place value. the children will also learn about measurement.

Art and Design
This term we will introduce the children will continue to use their sketch books and explore watercolour and how we can use accidental marks to help us make art.

During our Art lessons, we will study the famous artists: Paul Klee and Emma Burleigh.

Design and Technology
In our topic, we will cut out simple shapes and decxorate them using different joining methods. The children will also join two pieces with a simple running stitch.


Religious Education
During our RE lessons, we will be learning about Christianity and Islam.
We will focus on:
Which groups do we belong to?
How and why do we care?

This term, children will learn about: our emotions and how we and other react to them and our physical health and well being..

During our Science lessons we will be learning about Animals including humans. The children will learn the names of different animals and how to classify them. They will learn how to describe them and what they eat.

We will use world maps, atlases and globes to name, locate and identify the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. 
We will also use aerial photographs and plan perspectives to recognise landmarks and physical features.

Homework Spring Term

Please find Spring Term homework here.


In preparation for our story about pirates we made pirate puppets and pretended we were at the seaside today.

"I do like to be beside the seaside"

We have had a wonderful day immersing ourselves in our new topic. We used a map to find treasure in out classroom! We also made our own treasure maps and pirate rules. We found out that pirate ships had very strict rules, including going to bed by 8 o'clock.

Fruit Salad

In preparation for our English lesson we had great fun making and eating a fruit salad.


We are learning numbers from 20 to 50 in maths. We had an exciting time reading, making and saying numbers.

English - Instructions

In preparation for our independent writing we made healthy sandwiches using cheese, cucumber and tomatoes. We had a brilliant time making and eating our sandwiches!

Geography Fieldwork

Today we thought about whether there would be more human or physical features around our school. We thought about what features are around us and suggested a hypothesis. We found lots of human features.


This term Mrs James has taught us music and we have had a fabulous time singing and playing instruments.

English - A Day at the Beach

Today we imagined what we would do at the beach on a sunny day. Some if us decided to read a book in the sun and some of us had a delicious barbecue. Some children even went surfing!