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Immersive learning

On our immersive learning day, we explored key events and time periods in history and ordered these. We used our understanding of previous learning within this. We then compared historical images of Leeds with recent images, thinking about similarities and differences. After that, we explored what the buildings might have been used for and what they are used for now. In the afternoon, we used Google Earth to find different buildings within Leeds City Centre, writing what they are used for, what is near to them and guessing what year they were built.

Homework grid for this term

Learning in Summer Term

This term, our topic is Leeds.

We will be learning about the history of Leeds, dating back from the Anglo-Saxons to today. We will be understanding how we learn about the past and how/why Leeds has changed over time. We will be understanding where these time periods fit into a timeline of the events we are learning about, and time periods that we have learnt.

We will be writing narratives with a historical setting based on the story ‘The Secret Garden’ and creating persuasive websites based on the ‘Visit Yorkshire’ website. We will then be developing our own sports reports, supported by the book ‘The Dog that saved the world cup’, and creating free verse poetry.

The children will continue to learn about decimals, including tenths and hundredths as decimals, before moving onto money and time. We will then be learning about shape, statistics and position and direction.

The children will be learning about ‘Animals and Living Things’ before learning about ‘Sound’.