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Welcome to our final term in Reception class; We have 2 new exciting topics to learn about. 

Summer 1 - All Creatures Great and Small

Summer 2 - A Long Time Ago 
Summer 1 
Throughout this topic, we will be developing children's knowledge and understanding of the natural world and focus on the scientific skills of observations and questioning. The new topic vocabulary will enhance our speaking and writing and help us describe what we see when we write our own fact files.

In Literacy we will be orally composing and writing simple sentences independently. (Say the sentence, count the words, use Fred fingers to segment the first word, write the word and use clear finger spaces between each word and a full stop).
Spell and write VC, CVC and CVCC words independently using Set 1 and some Set 2 graphemes.
Spell some irregular common (tricky) words e.g., the, he, we, she, independently

Reading for pleasure
Please continue to read regularly with your children at home. Additional reading will develop your child’s reading fluency. Re-reading children’s favourite stories is a great way of promoting a love to reading.

This term we will be teaching children about numbers up to 20. Children will be developing an understanding of the composition of these numbers e.g. 12 is made up of 10 and 2 more. We will also be working on addition and subtraction within 10. Children will continue to work on double facts to 10.

Understanding of the World
During our topic lessons we will be learning about mini-beasts and animals on the farm. We will be exploring their features and what their habitats are like. In April, the children will learn how a chick develops in the egg and how to care for and handle a newly-hatched chick.

Expressive Arts and Design
In art lessons and key worker time we will develop children’s ability to plan and design what they are going to create using a range of textures and materials. Children will be taught how to create simple mechanisms e.g. springs to create a 3D pictures. Children will be encouraged to plan to use different textures such as sand or fabric and talk about their creations.

Communication and Language
Children will continue to be exposed to new topic vocabulary through stories and non-fiction texts.
PSHE: Relationships—solving problems between friends, helping others, respect and how to help themselves and others if they are hurt/upset

Physical Development
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
In PE this half term we are teaching dance. Children will be experimenting with different movements which cover a range of levels. We will learn and perform a routine to music. 

PE Days
Please ensure your child/children have their indoor and outdoor PE kit in school.
Both classes have PE on a Friday afternoon. 

Amazing Art Work

The children are really enjoying our weekly art lessons. We have learnt how to create symmetrical printing patterns, create pictures using pointillism and wax resisting paintings.

The Farm

This week, we have been reading the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. The children have produced amazing writing about the farm animals in the story. We are very proud!

Maths - Numbers to 20
Chicks in Reception

Since returning to school after the Easter holidays, the children and their teachers have been very excited about our special visitors. So far, 9 chicks have hatched and the children were excited to watch the hatching process.

Minibeast Hunt

This week we have been learning how to: name , describe and locate minibeasts, in their habitats.

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

The children have worked really hard to produce some wonderful independent writing.

White Rose Maths 
Please try out the new 1-Minute Maths app that helps pupils to build greater number confidence and fluency.