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Design Technology

We designed and made moving vehicles. We used paper straws for the axle and cardboard wheels. What do you think?

Man on the Moon

We have been learning about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and reading all about Bob the astronaut from Simon Bartram's story. We had a great time pretending to be on the moon!

Transport Workshop

Today we enjoyed a very interactive history of transport workshop.

Leeds United Stadium

We had a fantastic trip to Leeds United where we made healthy wraps and had a tour of the stadium. Did you know they have to put a green dye on the grass so that is the right colour green for televised matches?

Elland Road Trip (16.5.23)

We had a fantastic morning at Elland Road. We had a tour of the stadium and got to see some of the "behind the scenes" areas. Sadly we weren't allowed to set foot on the hallowed turf! We also made a healthy snack using wraps and salad with either cheese or ham (or both!) It was a very enjoyable day.


In science we are learning about plants. Today we found out about germination. Will our seeds start to grow?

Spring Walk

Today we started to learn about Spring. We went on a spring walk to find signs of Spring. We found daffodils and saw a birds nest.

Making Wooden Planes!

Using pegs and lollipop sticks we made some fabulous planes!

Our Summer topic is "Let's Go Travelling!". It will build on on from the Early tears topic of "Above the Clouds". the children will explore how different types of transport has changed through time. They will understand what happened in the past and how that has changed  the present.

They will also learn about the Wright brothers and how they designed and made the first aerolplane and how that changed transport.

Immersive Learning Day

To introduce our new topic "Let's go travelling!" we went on a plane ride. we made sure we had our passport, ticket and suitcase. We listened carefully to the inflight safety announcement and enjoyed a meal. We all had a wonderful flight!