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Learning in Autumn Term

This term, the children will be learning all about Ancient Greece! As part of their learning, they will research Ancient Greek society, the many Greek Gods and Goddesses and how much our modern day lives have been influenced by the Ancient Greeks.  

The children will be reading 'Who Let the Gods Out' and developing diary entries based on the book. The children will also develop a biography on Martin Luther King Jr this term, celebrate National Poetry Day with shape poems about the Ancient Greek Gods and create a balanced argument as to whether life was better for children now or in Ancient Greece. 

The children will be focusing on deepening their understanding of place value during the start of the term.  Once confident, the children will progress onto addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

The children will be learning about properties of materials during Autumn 1. 
Ancient Greek murder mystery

We worked with year 6 to solve an Ancient Greek murder mystery. We worked through lots of different clues to whittle down the suspects and find the murderer.

Maths outside

We looked at place value and partitioning with an activity outside with all of Year 5.

Immersive Day

We had a fun-filled Ancient Greece Immersive day. We made masks of characters from the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur which we used to perform scenes from the myth. We learnt a Greek dance which we performed as our opening ceremony to our very own ancient Olympic games. Then we took part in an escape room to escape Ancient Greece and luckily we managed to escape!