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We believe all children at Ireland Wood are authors.

Children are helped to develop the ability to express their thoughts and ideas and communication skills through the written word. At Ireland Wood, we aim to ensure that children develop a strong command of English through the correct use of punctuation, spelling, grammar and correct letter formation. Opportunities are provided for children to develop the necessary writing skills required for different purposes and audiences. The link between reading and writing is strongly emphasised.


High quality texts are used as the main stimulus for writing during English lessons in Reception class. Within lessons, children learn to:

  • Write the letter/letter groups which represent the 44 sounds.
  • Write words by saying the sounds and graphemes (Fred fingers).
  • Write simple then more complex sentence.

Writing can be seen in all areas of provision in Reception class.  The children are encouraged to write independently at every opportunity. 

Y1-6: Connect, Collect, Create

We aim for our writing curriculum to be an exciting and engaging experience.  The Three C's aprroach,  'Connect, Collect and Create,' is the sequence in which writing follows in years 1-6.  All of our writing is immersive and links to the current topic being studied by the children in class. 

Connect: The purpose, context and end point is shared with the children at the very start of the writing process. Within the 'Connect' stage, the children engage with the writing stimulus.   High qualitiy, engaging texts are carefully selected to inspire the children and hook them into their writing.  Lessons enable the children to immerse themselves in the writing stimulus, use drama to explore and talk for writing to develop their understanding.  

Collect: During the ‘Collect’ stage, the children will analyse WAGOLL’s, Magpie words and phrases, discuss and collect vocabulary as well as analyse and develop an understanding of the features of the text type. Teacher modelling plays a key part in this stage of the writing process and encourages the high quality outcomes expected of the children.  Lessons allow for the children to explore the key skills required, and practise the application of these skills as part of their learning journey. 

Create: We want all of our children to feel proud of their writing, therefore we place strong emphasis on providing opportunity for the children to publish and share their work with others.  During the ‘Create’ stage, the children draft and write, compose and edit. When their work is complete, the children take their time to publish their work, ready for it to be showcased in classrooms or on school writing displays.  

Reading is immersive within our English curriculum.  The skills of VIPERS are fed through our English lessons to utilise opportunities to discuss books and learn from there strucuture.  We believe this supports the children with their personal journey as authors. 

Writing for pleasure is also a key element of our curriculum.  Each term, teachers timetable a lessson where the children can write about a topic of their choice.  A writing after school club is also avaliable for the children to access. 

The children's views on writing.

The children at Ireland Wood love to write because; it allows them to be creative, they can express themselves, they can develop work they are proud of. See what the children have written themselves...