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Christmas 2021

This is the video of the Carol Service for Year 5.

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Science - Forces Unit

As part of our Forces unit in Science, we have been investigating the effect a smaller force can have against a greater weight.

The Great War - Immersive Learning

To begin our Great War topic, Year 5 took part in an 'Immersive learning day'. Throughout the day, we ate 100 year old biscuits and drank tea. In addition to this, we polished boots to experience what life would have been like for the soldiers in the trenches!

Homework Grids

These homework grids have been given to the children and are in their homework books. Maths homework is to be completed weekly, and handed in on a Tuesday. It will be given out again on a Friday when the children bring their books home. We would love to see some completed tasks from the IWPS Little Things too!