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You will find here all the tasks you need for the following few days. At the moment, we have planned until Friday, so we will update for next Monday shortly.
Self Isolation Week - July

Here is the timetable for the week


Here is an overview for My Time at Ireland Wood. Also, there is the notes sheet, if you need it. For those who are struggling, we have attached a 'frame' which could help you with what to write.

Summer 2 Week 2

Lots of lovely work for you to do this week - Maths - statistics (5 sheets each week) Watch the White Rose Maths videos first on here: English - plan and then write a non-chronological report all about Viking longships. (Start by labelling a longship, then research under sub headings and then write your best non chronological text!) History - find out about Viking gods, using the sheets. Then research 2 gods. Draw them and list facts about them. (You may need the internet for this). PE - see attached sheet "Avoid the Defenders" Handwriting: Vikings

Here is where you will find your work and the suitable worksheets for any online/distance learning you need to do in the Summer Term.