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Investors In Pupils

In Year 3H our IIP theme is space. As we make progress on our individual target, we move along the planets. We also have a whole class target. At the start of the year we wrote our Pupil Promise and Staff Promise. We also thought carefully about what we wanted our class to be like. This lead to us writing our Vision Statement.

Investors in Pupils

In Year 3K, our IiP theme is Roald Dahl. As we are achieving our individual target, we move along each character until we reach the golden ticket! We also have a class target. As a class we had a discussion about what we wanted year 3 to be like. We then created our promises as well as a class vision statement.

Teachers: Mrs Holmes (3H) & Miss Kelly (3K)

Other adults who work in Y3:
3H Mrs Indjin, Mrs Summerfield, Mrs Penman, Miss Senior, Mrs Stevenson
3K Miss Hogarth, Miss Brown, Mrs Mirshekar, Mrs Johnson

PE days: 3H Monday  (Gymnsatics)
               3K Friday (Gymnastics)

Swimming days: Friday

Music days:
Recorders - Wednesday pm
Singing - Tuesday pm

Reading - daily if able (recommended 3 times a week)
Times tables practise - daily
Topic Homework is now optional. Children can still choose one of the tasks from the homework web and will receive team points on completion.. Maths homework is handed out every Friday and due back completed by the following Wednesday.
Spellings are handed out every Wednesday with a test the following Wednesday. - Please note the new spelling activities on the reverse of the spelling sheet. We will also collect these sheets in every Wednesday.

Scooter day:
3H - Monday
3K - Tuesday

MUGA day:
Tuesday and Thursday (both classes)

Themes for this year:
Autumn 1 - What is it like to live in France?
Autumn 2 - What did the Ancient Egyptians do for us?
Spring 1 - What makes the earth angry?
Spring 2 - Why do Christians celebrate Easter?
Summer 1 - Would you like to live in cave?
Summer 2 - How would you transport a wild animal?

Themes are subject to change


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