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Solar Eclipse

Today we attempted to watch the solar eclipse. We were all very excited. Everybody had to wear special glasses to protect our eyes when looking at the sun. However, it was very difficult to see due to the cloudy skies!

All about water!

Year 3 had really enjoyed Science Day. We learnt lots about why water is so important. We enjoyed a water carrying activity and discussed how some people in the world have to travel miles just to collect a bucket of water. We also learnt about the water cycle and how the water on earth is as old as the dinosaurs!

Palm Sunday

As part of our 'Why do Christians celebrate Easter' topic, Year 3 have been finding out about the Easter Story. To help us remember the key points of Palm Sunday, both classes acted out Jesus arriving in Jerusalem with his disciples. We made our own palm branches to wave at Jesus as he entered Jerusalem.

World Book Day

Year 3 enjoyed World Book Day on Thursday 5th March. Many of us got dressed up as our favourite book characters. During the day we read lots of books, wrote our own stories, Miss Lansdowne popped in to read her favourite book 'Elmer the Elephant' to us and we even listened to Mrs Injin reading the Gruffalo in Latin!


Year 3 are practising gymnastics skills this term. We have learnt lots of different balances and are trying hard to make sure that we have stretched legs and toes, keeping our bodies tight and finding a spot to look at to help us hold the balance.

Internet Safety

For internet safety day, 3K made some promises so we could create a better, safer internet together!

Rock Sorting!

As part of our science topic about rocks and soils, Year 3 sorted a variety of different rocks. We had to think carefully about how to group them. Some people chose to think about how the rocks felt, others chose what the rocks looked like whilst some children chose to think about how heavy the rocks were.

Rock investigation

Our Science topic this term is rocks and soils. This week, we were investigating which rocks were permeable and which rocks were non-permeable. Each group had to sort out roles, decide how to record their results and make sure it was a fair test. Everyone had lots of fun and worked really well together!

Problem Solving

As part of maths work Year 3 have been trying to solve problems This helps to develop systematic thinking skills. We enjoyed trying to solve the age old problem of the farmer crossing the river. A farmer wants to cross a river in his rowing boat. He can only fit one item in his small boat at a time. However… If he leaves the fox alone with the chicken, wily Mr Fox will eat it. If he leaves the chicken with the bag of grain, the greedy chicken will gobble it up! Think of a way for the farmer o safely cross the river with all 3 items. Good Luck!


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