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Year 3's trip to Leeds City Museum!

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Leeds City Museum. 3K had an Egyptian workshop in the morning, where we learnt about different gods, how they mummified the bodies and we even made amulets. In the afternoon, we got to look around the museum. It was a brilliant day!

French Cafe Experience

As part of our topic about France Year 3 invited their parents to join them for a French café experience! Everybody enjoyed their croissants and pain au chocolat. We also had Chocolat Chaud and jus d'orange. The children sang French songs which they had learnt in class.

Our Spaghetti Structures!

This half term, we have been finding out if we would like to live in France. After looking at the Eiffel tower, we decided to make our own structures!

Come and Calculate

On Wednesday 8th October we held our Come and Calculate session. We had lots of parents in our maths lesson! We enjoyed showing them our work and how to use different strategies for multiplication.


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