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Summer Newsletter!
2S Investors in Pupils!
2W Investors In Pupils!

Teachers: Miss Stringer (2S) & Miss Whitaker (2W)

Other adults who work in Y2:
2W - Mrs Russell, Miss O'Brien, Mrs Abbott, Mrs Jones, Mrs Robinson, Miss Ijaz, Mrs Jones, Miss Woodcock, Mrs Saad, Miss Senior
2S - Mrs McAteer, Miss Barrett, Mrs Johnson, Miss Ossett, Mrs Burrell, Mrs Henderson, Miss Senior, Mrs Spruce

PE days: 2S - Wednesday (Gymnastics) and Thursdays (Games)
              2W - Tuesdays (Games) and Thursdays (Gymnastics)

Music days:
Singing - Tuesday pm
Recorders - Wednesday pm

Homework will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday.
Spellings will be sent home on a Wednesday and will be tested on the following Wednesday.
Reading books will be sent home every day. If your child reads atleast 3 times a week, then they will be rewarded!
High Frequency Words - some children will have high frequency word strips put into their reading diaries for them to practice at home. These will be assessed in school weekly and changed as appropriate.
Online Learning - children can access Mathletics / Education City as they wish. Account details can be found in your child's reading diary.
Times Tables - children are encouraged to practise their times tables in order to make progress on the Multiplication Tree.

Scooter/Cycle Track Day:
Climbing Area - Tuesday
MUGA - Wednesday & Friday (Afternoon playtime)
Scooter/ Cycle Track - 2S (Tuesday AM), 2W (Wednesday AM)

Themes for the year:
How can we grow our own salad?
Could a wild lion live in Leeds?
Why are nocturnal animals suited to the dark?
Can Year 2 create an awesome performance?
Is Judaism different to other religions?
Why were Neil Armstrong and Captain Cook brave people?
What materials did they use to build Endeavour and Apollo 11?
Would it be fun if I were a pirate?
How could you be the best athlete in the world?

Themes are subject to change

Autumn Term Newsletter


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