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A poem

This is an audio-visual poem based on an African poem that we have been reading in class called 'Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain'. Freya, Lacie and Millie have worked hard on creating rhymes to suit the message of their poem!

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We loved our topic: Could a wild lion live in Leeds? so much that the children created some fantastic homework based on their thoughts about the question!

Shared Heritage Day

We love shared heritage day because we get to try different foods and clothes... We learn a lot about the different countries that our friends come from!

Dog's Trust!

We loved meeting the dogs from the Dog's Trust ;)

Dance workshop!

We had great fun exploring emotions in a dance workshop!

Reindeer Food

Today we made our own Magic Reindeer Food to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve! We then wrote a little poem to go with our reindeer food.

Christmas Crafts

Today we were very lucky to have staff from Barclay's bank come into our classroom to help us with our Christmas craft activities. We made stockings and baubles for the Christmas tree!

Nocturnal Animals

As part of our Nocturnal Animal topic, we had a visit from Animals In Tuition. They brought lots of different Nocturnal Animals and we were lucky enough to be able to hold some of them! We learnt lots of interesting facts about the animals too.

A trip into the garden!

As part of our topic on plants, we went into the garden to investigate plants that were in the shade and plants that were in the sun. We then compared the plants and discussed what all plants need to stay alive.

The Bog Baby

We read the story The Bog Baby. We then made our own Bog Babies and used adjectives to describe it!

Rodley Nature Reserve


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