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Were Captain Cook and Neil Armstrong brave people?

This is our new topic question. To find out more about these two famous explorers, click the web links below. If you discover any interesting facts or if you have any questions that you would like to ask about Captain Cook or Neil Armstrong, you can do that on this blog. Why not have a go?

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    Before the holiday we made Easter baskets ready for the Easter bunny and we weren't disappointed! We also made our very own scrumptious Easter biscuits! It wasn't all about chocolate though. We watched an animation of the Christian Easter story, which we discussed in lots of detail. We shared our thoughts and questions and we wrote about the main events of the story! We are really looking forward to the Summer term!


    Today we spent the morning working in teams and solving puzzles! We had lots of fun and quickly worked through lots of different styles of puzzle!

    Rockets and space shuttles!

    Our new topic question is: Were Captain Cook and Neil Armstrong brave people? We have already started to think about these two important people from history and have generated questions and wonders of our own about their jobs, their lives and their adventures! Today we had lots of fun making model space shuttles!

    Eclipse Excitement!

    We were all prepared to see the solar eclipse on Friday! We were a little disappointed that the clouds decided to ruin our view, but we still looked cool in our special shades! We did get a quick glimpse of the eclipse as the clouds briefly opened up a gap.


    We had lots of fun on science day! We thought carefully about how important water is to us and looked for ways in which we could save it. This is our first attempt at creating video clips using iMovie.... and we made them in only half a day!

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    The children really enjoyed itime this term (in which i stands for I as in myself and I as in independent time.) We started our topic about dinosaurs with a wonder.... What if dinosaurs were still alive?.... and the children added their own wonders about this question and about dinosaurs in general to our WONDER WALL in class.

    We spent time researching and learning about dinosaurs in lots of different ways and then the children had a couple of itime sessions where they chose their own wonder or question about dinosaurs and researched it themselves. They then made a short presentation about what they found out.

    The children thoroughly enjoyed their itime sessions and made some positive comments about it when they reviewed our topic:

    "I liked itime because we chose what to research." Freya

    "I loved doing itime!" Mollyrose

    "I loved doing the presentations!" Alfie

    "I loved researching in itime because we did get to research our dinosaurs!" Joshua

    What did you think about itime?
    Lend Me Your Literacy!

    Image result for lend me your literacy

    Take a look at some of our Star Writers in Year 2 who have had their work published to a worldwide audience on the 'Lend Me Your Literacy' website!

    Science Day!

    As part of Science Day, we had to investigate how we can save water. We then had to answer the question - What can we wear in the rainforest? We had lots of different materials and we looked at which materials absorbed the least amount of water!

    Mixing Potions!

    In maths today we made our very own magic potions to shrink the giant from 'Maximus and the Beanstalk' (which we are reading in English) as part of our capacity investigations! We had to read scales to measure out the ingredients: Dragon Breath Bat Blood Magic Lake Water Shrinking syrup We had to mix exactly 1 litre of potion! It was so much FUN!!!

    Teddy Bears Picnic!

    In Year 2W, we were very lucky to have a Teddy Bears Picnic as a reward for completing our class merit chart! We followed instructions to make jam sandwiches and then we ate them along with lots of other tasty food! Yum!

    Visit from Ronnie!

    We were very lucky to have a visit from Ronnie the Rhino!

    Marvelous Maths!

    Take a look at some of our marvelous Maths work!

    What if dinosaurs were still alive?

    This term we have been thinking about DINOSAURS! We have been on an evidence hunt for a mad scientist (who was very happy with our research) and we have done lots of fun dinosaur-based activities :) We have also had the chance to research our own questions and wonderings about dinosaurs during ITIME! We carried out our own research and, for the first time, we have created our own presentations based on our independent research.

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    LEGO MOVIE!!!!

    This week we were soooooooo lucky because we learnt how to make our very own Lego movies using the ipads!!!! The movies are coming soon.......


    We love stories at Ireland Wood Primary School! We love reading them, writing them, talking about them, listening to them and even reading them to each other!


    Take a look at some of the AMAZING dinosaurs that we have created as part of a Homework activity!

    Skipping Workshop

    Today we had a great fun during our skipping workshop! We learnt lots of different skills such as the double bounce and hopping whilst skipping!


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