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Spring Newsletter
Investors In Pupils
Teacher Promise:
                                                     1M                                                                1S
Pupil promise:
                                          1M                                                                                      1S

Class vision:
                                            1M                                                                                1S

Teachers: Miss Midwood (1M) and Miss Lansdowne/Mrs Park (1S)

Other adults who work in Y1:  Mrs Smith (1M), Mrs Waddington (1S), Miss Holdich (1M), Miss Hollings (1M), Mrs Sant (1M), Mrs McCloughlin (1M), Mrs Thomson (1S), Mrs Bayfield (1S), Miss Ijaz (1S), Mrs Saeed (1S), Mrs Robinson (1S), Miss Jolly (1S)

PE Days:  1M - Thursdays (Games) and Fridays (Gym)
                 1S - Mondays (Games) and Wednesdays (Gym)

Scooter/Cycle Track:  1M - Fri morning
                                     1S - Thurs morning
                                     After school Tues and Thurs with parental supervision

Music days: Singing - Tuesday pm

Reading - daily
English/Topic and Maths is given out every Friday and returned on a Wednesday.
Spellings are handed out every Wednesday with a test the following Wednesday.

Themes for the Year:
Autumn 1 - Am I an Animal?
Autumn 2 - What do we Celebrate?
Spring 1 - Why is the Wii more fun than Grandad's toys?
Spring 2 - Would you like to swap homes with Queen Victoria?
Summer 1 - Which plants would Little Red Riding Hood find around Ireland Wood?
Summer 2 - Why can't a Meerkat live in the North Pole?


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