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Tropical World

We had a fantastic day at Tropical World yesterday, although it was VERY hot in some of the environments! The meerkats were really interesting to watch and we used our mapping skills well to navigate our way around Roundhay Park. We used compass directions to find the castle ruins!

Keeping Safe and Healthy

After learning about the importance of exercising and keeping safe near roads, we filmed each other demonstrating our learning!

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Health and Safety Week

As part of our Health and Safety week, Year 1 enjoyed participating in a range of activities including 'smoothie making' and multi-skills.

VE Day

We have had a fantastic day dressed up in 1940's attire! The children really enjoyed learning about the past and experienced party food from VE day celebrations...cucumber sandwiches, jelly and 'ration' cake! Yum!

Royal Horticultural Society - Sharing the Best in Gardening  
We had a fantastic day at Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate. The children were very well behaved and were excellent woodland rangers.
Harlow Carr

Year 1 visited the gardens in Harrogate as part of their 'plant' topic.

Green plants!

We have based our topic this half term around the question: 'What plants would Little Red Riding Hood find at Ireland Wood'. As part of this topic we talked about what plants we would find at Ireland Wood and we enjoyed a plant hunt where we looked out for: common garden, wild and deciduous and evergreen trees.

Growing Cress

The children enjoyed finding out what conditions cress seeds would need to grow.


Our writing is continuing to make amazing progress, take a look at some of our Star Writers in Year 1 who have had their work published to a worldwide audience on the 'Lend Me Your Literacy' website!

We are using a variety of stimulating texts as a vehicle to develop our English skills this term:
Phonics Screening

Please be aware, the Year 1 phonics screening is fast approaching. We will be holding a meeting about the screening on 19th June at 2.45pm. We have attached some words ('familiar and unfamiliar/pseudo') for your child to practise at home. Remember, they must blend the sounds to read the word....even if it is a nonsense word! Have fun.


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