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What do people celebrate?

We have been developing our research skills during topic to find out about the events that different people and different religions celebrate. We particularly enjoyed our Diwali morning where we created Mendhi and Rangoli patterns, tasted special food and re-enacted the story of Diwali.

Exciting Experiences!

This term we have had the opportunity to enhance our learning with the help of exciting experiences! A visit from an artist enabled us to work together in teams to create a den. The children had a great time. The Dogs Trust came into school to help us understand how to care for a dog and taught us how to stay safe if we meet a dog in the local environment. We really enjoyed welcoming them into school! The Shared Heritage morning was a great opportunity to find out about some of the countries and cultures we share in our Ireland Wood community. We had the chance to try on some beautiful traditional clothing and taste yummy food!


Take a look at the star writers in Year 1 who have had their work published on the 'Lend me Your Literacy' website!

We have used a variety of texts as a vehicle to develop our English skills this term:


During our Maths lessons we have been exploring the concept of number. We have enjoyed counting in different steps and from different numbers during Magic Maths. Measuring the length and weight of objects was interesting as we had to estimate before measuring using cubes. We have also began to explore calculations, focussing on adding two numbers. Take a look at some of our work!

Who am I?

We started the term by thinking all about ourselves. We looked for similarities and differences and enjoyed labelling external body parts using key vocabulary.


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