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TeachersMrs Broadbent (5B) &  Mr Connelly (5C) 
Mrs Georgeson is completing her final teaching placement in 5C during the Summer Term.

Other adults who work in Year 5: Mrs Smail, Miss Senior, Mrs Claughton, Miss Hegadus, Ms Urch, Ms Al Hosaini, Miss Jones, Mr Fisher

HomeworkOut on a Friday and back by the following Tuesday. Reading three times a week. Spellings out on a Tuesday with a test the following Tuesday.

PE days: Please ensure your children bring their PE kits to school at the start of each half term. 5B's PE days are Tuesday and Friday. 5C's PE days are Mondays and Fridays.

Music days: Singing - Tuesday

Scooter Track Days: Thursday and Friday

Themes for the year:
Autumn 1: Was that fair?
Autumn 2: Would I want to be a Londoner?
Spring 1: Is Islam like any other religion I know?
Spring 2: What makes Yorkshire a great place to live?
Summer 1: Why did the Anglo Saxons and Vikings come to Britain?
Summer 2: How am I different to a frog?

Themes are subject to change
Newsletter - Autumn Term
Investors In Pupils 5B

Here are our Teachers' Promise, Pupils' Promise and Class Vision for 5B.

Investors In Pupils 5C

Here are our Teachers' Promise, Pupils' Promise and Class Vision for 5C.


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