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David Attenborough - July 2017

Year 5 have been learning about David Attenborough and have used the green screen to create their own documentaries about animals, based on their own research.

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Catapults - June 2017

Year 5 have been showing off their engineering skills this week to design and build working catapults. The winning catapult will go to Ralph Thoresby and compete against other schools.

Countryside Day - June 2017
Topic - Summer Term Two

Our topic for Summer Term two is "How am I different to a frog?". It looks at animals (including humans) and their life cycles. We will also look at a range of different habitats and types of animal.

Overnight Oats - June 2017

As part of our Health and Safety Days, we made "Overnight Oats" ready for our breakfast tomorrow.

End of the Anglo Saxons - May 2017

We looked at the events that lead up to The Battle of Hastings and acted them out. Victory to William, Duke of Normandy, The Conqueror!

Canal Club Film

Enjoy the footage the children filmed while on their trip on the barge.

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Sutton Who? - May 2017

We were time detectives this week, looking at the clues left behind at Sutton Hoo, the Anglo-Saxon burial site. We asked questions, looked at the evidence, thought about what it told us and drew lots of historical conclusions.

Canal Club - May 2017

9 children, who have attended Canal Club, went for a Saturday out on the canal barge. They had a great day steering the boat, opening swing bridges, shopping for food, preparing the food in the galley and then eating it (and the lovely cakes provided by Mrs Broadbent's Mum!). What a great day out!

Showing off angles - April 2017

Both year five classes mixed together to have the chance to show off all the things we have been learning about angles.

Fire Brigade Visit - April 2017

Green watch from Cookridge Fire Station visited to give us a talk on fire safety. They also talked about smoke alarms, car safety and hoax calls.

Topic - Summer Term One

Our question for Summer Term One is: Why did the Anglo Saxons and Vikings come to Britain?

Chronological understanding - April 2017

To start our history topic on the Anglo Saxons and Vikings, we completed a chronology task to help us understand when different periods of history happened and how they overlapped / impacted on each other.

Canal Club - March 2017

9 children from Year Five have been selected to attend Canal Club (an afterschool club). The club will get the opportunity to take a trip on a canal barge soon. For our first session, Skipper Dave came to tell us all about the barge and taught us lots of vocabulary, including port, starboard, aft, galley, saloon, forehead. Keep an eye out for further updates.

Sports tournament - April 2017

Another local primary school visited for a range of different sports tournaments.

5C Little Men Artwork - April 2017

In English, we have designed our own Mr Men and Little Miss characters. We spent a lovely afternoon painting our characters and testing out whether our written descriptions were accurate.

Measuring angles

Year 5 have had lots of fun measuring angles this week using protractors and our very own Success Criteria... 1. estimate the angle (type of angle) 2. put the head on the head 3. line up 'zero' with one of the lines 4. inside/outside scale? (decide and check) 5. read the measurement 6. check back to your estimation - does this measurement make sense? #measuringangles #weareawesomeatthis #followthesuccesscriteria


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