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Holt Park Library

Today, we visited Holt Park Library to choose our own books to bring back to school. We spent some time enjoying them when we got back to school.

Working hard!

We have been working really hard this week to plan, draft, edit and redraft recounts about our London Residential. We may even get chance to word process them... Watch this space!

London Residential - November 2016

What a fantastic few days we had! The children were amazing, and a credit to the school. Hopefully we will have some more pictures to follow next week.

Would I want to be a Londoner?

Our question for this half term is "Would I want to be a Londoner?". We will be doing lots of Geography work about what it is like to live in London and we are all really excited about our upcoming residential!

Snow fun - November 2016

We had great fun playing in the snow today!

Shared Heritage - November 2016

We enjoyed our shared heritage session and learning about our friends' backgrounds and cultures. Thanks to all the families who came in to school to tell us about their cultures.

Harry Potter Day - October 2016

To launch our new English topic work on Harry Potter, we had a Harry Potter day. We came to school in costumes, brought potions, made cakes and had a magical day!

5B at Pizza Express

We had a fun-filled morning being chefs at Pizza Express this morning. Hopefully you had a slice saved for you!

Anti-discrimination Campaigns - October 2016

Our PSHE lessons have been about equality. We have been inspired by Arsenal Football Club's Rainbow Laces campaign and we are all developing our own campaigns to prevent discrimination and stereotyping of any type in our school.

Once upon a dream...

In year 5, we are working hard to enter a poetry competition all about dreams. We have also been performing our poetry as we draft and edit it. Listen to some of our group poems.

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La rue principale

We have been learning about the high street in our French lessons. Today, we created our own conversations using all the new vocabulary we have learnt.

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Maths in the Class - October 2016

Thank you to the parents who came in to join us for a maths session.

Chess in Y5 - September 2016

We have started our chess lessons and we are really enjoying them so far. They help us with logical thinking, strategy and problem solving.

5C at Pizza Express - September 2016

To support our DT learning, we visited Pizza Express in Horsforth. We got to make pizzas and see how they are cooked. We had a great time! 5B will visit in two weeks.

Languages Day!

In year 5, we celebrated the European Day of Languages by learning some new languages. Zanna's Mum came in and taught 5C some Japanese and pupils from 5B taught us their own languages from home - Arabic and Farsi. We also looked at and listened to some French stories.

Crime, Punishment and Democracy

Our topic for the rest of this half term is Crime, Punishment and Democracy, with the key question of "Was that fair?" We will be looking at what democracy is and how it has evolved in England over the last 1000 years!

Special Items - September 2016

We all brought in an item that is special to us. It was wonderful to share these items with other people and to explain why they were so important to us. They inspired artwork and writing too.

Problem Solving - September 2016

We had great fun in our first Problem Solving session of Y5. We had to stack the cups as high as we could and see if we could build a tower the same height as us. Lots of maths was involved - counting, estimating, measuring, ratio, proportion, scale, times tables. Fun was had by all!

Voting in the School Council Elections - September 2016

We all voted in our School Council Elections... It was very similar to local and general elections, and we even got to use the special polling booths!


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