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Zoo Lab (14th March)

Reception had a great time learning more about minibeasts with our Zoo Lab visit this morning. We saw (and touched) lots of different creatures from rats to cockroaches and giant snails to snakes! We even found out some really fascinating facts - ask your child if they can remember any weird and wonderful facts.

Minibeast maths (March 2018)

We've been learning about subtracting this week in maths. Fred the frog has been eating lots of minibeasts! I wonder how many we will have left.

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Chinese New Year (Week commencing 19th February)

We have really enjoyed exploring the Chinese culture this week. We have listened to stories about the Chinese zodiac, made lanterns, tasted Chinese food, used chopsticks, made playdough dragons and taken part in some lion dancing. Some children brought oranges for Mrs Ajayi and said 'kung hey fa choy' and received a lucky red envelope called an ang pow.

Rainbow Factory (24.01.18)

We have had an awesome (and tiring) day at the Rainbow Factory. First we met the Storyteller and the Story Bird who explained how stories are made. We then met an evil witch who muddled up all the traditional tales we have been learning about. The naughty witch! So we had to help the Storyteller fix all the stories and we did it just in time to get the bus home. Phew! Special thanks to our volunteers Ms Lawson, Mrs Bisbal, Mrs Casely-Hayford, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Brown and our class governor Mrs Tuck as well as all of the fantastic Reception Team who helped to make the day run smoothly.

On a mission!

We've started the new year on a mission! Reception have been finding ways to make the numbers 4, 5 and 6 using Numicon. We've also been adding and having a go at recording number sentences. A few children have been making some elaborate models during exploring time. A great start to the new year!


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