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Investors in Pupils
Teachers: Miss Stringer (1S) & Mrs Fisher (1F)

Other adults who work in Year 1: 

Homework: Across school we encourage children to read at least 3 times a week at home.There are also weekly homework tasks:
Spellings - Tuesday
Maths - bingo maths activitites
Topic - optional and returned to school on Mondays 

PE days: Please ensure your children bring their PE kits to school at the start of each half term.
1T - Wednesday & Thursday 
1S - Wednesday & Thursday  

Music days: Singing - Tuesday

Scooter Track Day:  Friday

Themes for the year:
Autumn 1: Am I an Animal?
Autumn 2: Why is the Ipad more exciting than Grandad's old toys?
Spring 1: Who would go to a place like this?
Spring 2: Would you like to swap homes with Queen Victoria?
Summer 1: Which plants would Little Red Riding Hood find around Ireland Wood?
Summer 2: Whay can't a Meerkat live in the North Pole?

Themes are subject to change



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