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I-Time European Landmarks

During our I TIme we had to chose a European Landmark. We worked in groups to gather information about our chosen landmark and then we recorded information videos. We hope you enjoy them and find them interesting.

Group 1
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Monet Masterpieces!

As part of our topic about Europe, we have been looking at famous European artists. One of our favourites was Monet. He was from France. Monet liked to paint pictures of his garden at different times of the year. He use small dabs of paint to create his images. We looked very carefully at one of his most famous painting, Waterlilies. We created our own version of his painting by using our fingers.

Problem Solving

Year 3 love solving problems! We are getting really good at thinking logically to try to find the answer. Our latest problem was to find which day Sam prefered at school. We used a timetable and some clues to help us. We had to eliminate the days carefully to find our answer. We were not allowed to show the group our clues, but we could ask each other questions. We had to be good listeners to solve the problem.

Telling the time

Year 3 have been working hard to learn how to tell the time. We have started to make our own clocks to help us. There is lots to remember when telling the time, so we are all going to try to practise at home too! Use full tips for parents: The secret to success is practising little and often. Use time wisely. If you would like more ideas, please speak to your child’s teacher. Talk about time - Discuss what time things happen. When does your child wake up? What time do they eat breakfast? Make sure that you have an analogue clock visible in your house or that your child wears a watch with hands. Once your child is confident telling the time, see if you can find more challenging clocks e.g. with Roman numerals or no numbers marked. Ask your child the time regularly – You could also give your child some responsibility for watching the clock : “The cakes need to come out of the oven at twenty-two minutes past four exactly.” “We need to leave the house at twenty-five to nine.”

Making Connections!

During our PSHE work we have been thinking about friendships and how we are all connected to each other in some way. To show this we used a ball of wool to throw across the circle to somebody we have a connection with. Lots of connections were made such as: I went to nursery with... I have the same colour hair as... I live on the same street as... I go to swimming lessons with... As you can see we are connected in some way!


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