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Teachers: Miss Burrows (3B) & Mrs Holmes (3H)

Other adults who work in Year 3:
Year 3H

Miss Hogarth, Mrs Seidentezar, Miss Ossitt, Miss Ijaz
Year 3B

Miss Hogarth, Mrs Seidentezar, Mrs Fletcher, Ms Al Hosaini

Spellings go out every Wednesday and should be returned the following Wednesday. 
Maths homework goes home every Friday and should be handed in the following Wednesday.
Topic/English hi=omework is optional. The children can choose a task they would like to do from teh homework web. 

PE days: Please ensure your children bring their PE kits to school at the start of each half term.
3B - Thursday 
3H - Thursday
Year 3 also go swimming every Friday. Your child needs to bring their costume/trunks and a towl in a strong bag.

Music days: Singing - Tuesdays
                   Recorders - Wednesday 

Scooter Track Day: - 

Themes for the year:
Autumn 1: What is the oldest thing in Horsforth?
Autumn 2: Is Judaism like any other religion I know?
Spring 1: Where in Europe is that?
Spring 2: What did the Ancient Egyptians do for us?
Summer 1: Would I like to live in a different biome?
Summer 2: What would it be like to live in a cave?

Themes are subject to change


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