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Investors in Pupils 4PS
Teachers: Mr Collins (4C) & Mrs Park/Mrs Spruce (4PS)

Other adults who work in Year 4:
Mrs Johnson, Ms Urch, Miss Senior, Mrs Summerfield, Miss Jones

Homework: Given on a Friday, in on a Tuesday please.

PE days: Please ensure your children bring their PE kits to school at the start of each half term.

Music days: Singing on Tuesday, Ukeleles on Thursday.

Themes for the year:
Autumn 1: Where does chocolate come from?
Autumn 2: How is Sikhism different to other religions I know?
Spring 1: Has South America 'visited' you today?
Spring 2: Is the rainforest more important to animals or people?
Summer 1: What did the Romans do for us?
Summer 2: Would I like to live in a different biome?

Themes are subject to change


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