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Carnival Experience!

As part of our topic all about South America, we've been learning about some of carnivals that take place in countries like Brazil. On Monday, we had a special visitor who takes part in carnivals all around the world! We were very lucky that Ella came in to see us. Throughout the day, we practised different carnival dance moves and showed off our shuffles in dancing competitions. At the end of the day, we performed our carnival to the older classes in school. Thanks for helping us, Ella!

Super Science Sound Day!

In year 4, we've been learning all about sound. As part of a special 'Super Science' day, we took part in loads of exciting activities to explore sounds. In the morning, we worked in our house groups to find out how sound travels and asked investigated whether sound travels through solids, liquids and gases. We also discovered how different animals, including insects (yuk!), hear sounds, while in another classroom we investigated different ways of sound proofing a band's recording studio by testing different materials. During the afternoon, we use a collection of recycled materials (thanks parents!) to make a range of different musical instruments. We'll be using these as part of our South American & Rainforest topics.


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