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Teacher: Mr Connelly

Other adults who work in Year Five:
Mrs Buxey, Mrs Derrani, Mr Godolphin, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Indjin, Miss Pollard, Ms Roper, Miss Seel, Mrs Spruce, Mrs Summerfield

Autumn 1- Science - Reversible & Irreversible Changes
Autumn 2- History - The Victorians
Spring 1- Geography/Science- Water
Spring 2- Contrasting Locality - Scarborough
Summer 1- Art - Containers and RE - Islam
Summer 2- DT - Musical Instruments

Summer Term Newsletter
Sports Day 2013

Have a look at some of the photos from our Sports Day!

Makaton Signing

We are learning some more Makaton signs with Miss Seel.

An Orchestra of Sound

In Summer 2 we will be learning all about musical instruments and then designing and making our own.

Health and Safety Week May 2013

There are loads of fun activities for us this week including Martial Fitness, the ice rink and "Heart-Start" Training.

Science of Sound Music Workshop

We found out how sound is made and how it travels. We also got lots of ideas for making our own musical instruments next half term!

Congratulations to the members of Year Five who have recently completed their Peer Mediator training. I am sure you will all do a great job!

We were very lucky to have the Firefighters from Cookridge Firestation come into school to talk to us. We are all going to go home and make sure we have smoke detectors and an evacuation plan!

Congratulations to Marykate, the winner of the KS2 prize for 100% attendance week. Happy spending Marykate!

Liz Pichon visits school.

Liz Pichon, author and illustrator of the Tom Gates series, visited school to tell us about her work. We really enjoyed listening to her and we all picked up some top tips. It was great to meet her and she signed our books and some of our doodles!

Mythical Creature Top Trumps

We researched mythical creatures and then made our own Top Trump cards. We enjoyed playing against each other to see who would be victorious!

Fun in Art Lessons

We used Mod Roc to create our memory boxes. We also had great fun using sponges to paint and decorate them.

Well done to The Wonder Kids for winning Ireland Wood's Got Talent 2013!

Year Five are very proud of you all!

Scarborough Residential

Here are a few photos of our recent visit to the cold seaside town of Scarborough!

Mr Men and Little Miss

Year Five really enjoyed designing their own Mr Men and Little Miss characters. They also made some fantastic books!

Raising Money!

We raise lots of money for different charities. Here are some photographs from Children In Need and Comic Relief.


Year Five enjoyed playing Basketball during PE lessons.

Working in Victorian Times

We had a visit from a Mr Popplewell (a Victorian mill owner). He tried to persuade us (the country people!) to go and work in his factories in London. He said it would be much better for us and promised us better working conditions and more pay. I hope we don't all live to regret it. We even made our own podcasts persuading people to go and work in the factories.

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Miss Seel's Victorian Dress

Miss Seel brought her original Victorian dress to show us. We also had a brilliant time at the Victorian school, although we prefer school in 2012!

Lawnswood Cemetery

We visited Lawnswood Cemetery to see the Victorian gravestones and see what we could find out about people from the past.

Asda Bakery

We went to Asda bakery as part of our science topic about Reversible and Irreversible changes. We also looked at different foods as part of our French topic.


Year Five love reading and sharing books!


We enjoy using the Ipads to research topics, record performances and play educational games.

Active Maths!

We enjoy active and fun maths lessons!


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