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Y3 Summer Newsletter
Class Teacher: Mrs Ajayi

Support Staff: Mrs Sant/Mrs Khattab/Mrs Seidentezar/Miss Pollard/Miss Hogarth

PE Days: Tuesday afternoon

Games Days: Friday afternoon

Homework: Is sent home on Fridays and should be returned the following Wednesday. Spellings are sent home every Wednesday.


Autumn 1- Weather around the world - Does Leeds have the best weather?
Autumn 2- Celebrating Christmas around the world 
Spring 1- Can I copy an art style?
Spring 2- Did Noah's ark really exist? (and other bible stories)
Summer 1- Who is the best pizza maker in Year 3?
Summer 2- Vikings and early settlers - did the vikings come to Leeds?

Our trip to Jorvik

We had a great time exploring Viking York! We became archaeologists and Viking warriors. It was a great day.

We really enjoyed making African masks with Mrs Bromley!
International Arts Weeks - We are India!

We have gotten off to a great start this week and created a wonderful Indian elephant with Mrs Price today. The children then went on a fact finding mission to learn as much as they could about India in the afternoon. Some of the class even had a go at being the teacher and taught us a fact that they had learnt!

Which liquid does the least damage to eggshells?

We set up a science investigation before the holidays to see what different liquids would do to an eggshell. The eggshell represents the enamel on our teeth. You can see the shocking results in our photos!

Inspecting the eggs!

Some brave children volunteered to inspect the eggs for us and then passed them around so we could all have a look...and a smell!

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'Healthy' pizzas 13th May

The children really enjoyed making their pizzas this afternoon.... and eating them! So, how healthy were our pizzas? What would you do differently next time to make them even healthier Year 3?

Country Rangers

Today we had lots of fun with Country Ranger Steve looking for mini-beasts. We enjoyed exploring the local woodland and learning about the different creatures that call it home.

Our current text study

We have been studying 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell and have made our own 'lift and reveal' books. We really enjoyed making them but we enjoyed sharing them with Reception and Nursery classes even more! We are now studying 'Dear Greenpeace' by Simon James to learn about letter writing.

'Worm Charming'

A video of Sienna stamping to make the worms think that it is raining and come up to the surface. It worked as well!

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Researching Rod Campbell

We have been using the iPads to find out what kind of books Rod Campbell likes to write. We made our own 'lift and reveal' books in the style of 'Dear Zoo' which we enjoyed sharing with Reception and Nursery classes. More photos to follow soon.

We love homework!

Year 3 made some fantastic models of Pippi Longstocking's house 'Villa Villekula'.They are all on display in the North Hall. We thought about what it would be like to have Pippi as a neighbour.

Year 3 meet Julia Donaldson

Year 3 went to meet Julia Donaldson at the library. We were lucky enough to act out our own version of room on the broom for her. Julia acted out lots of her own stories and sang songs with her husband Malcolm. We enjoyed the visit and we even got the chance to buy a book and get her autograph.

Julia Donaldson
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