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We continue to enjoy our outdoor learning and have linked it to our wheels topic and our Chinese New Year focus. The children have enjoyed completing the following activities:
* Washing Miss Mayhews car and looking at the engine
* Creating our own vehicles using the bread crates and other building resources
* Reading our key texts Mrs Armitage on Wheels and Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road

* Hiding the animals from the Great Race and matching them to their names
* Taking part in races and finding out who came 1st/2nd and 3rd.
creating vehicles with 2d and 3d shapes
This Spring Term, the children in Reception have enjoyed learning through our 'Wheels' topic. They continue to enjoy accessing key texts related to this topic such as Mrs Armitage on Wheels, Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road and Mr Gumpys Motor Car. They have listened to and discussed the stories in great detail and have created story maps, written sentences and thought about the characters and events in the texts.

We have enjoyed accessing lots of learning through role play and the children have taken on different roles such as working in the outdoor car wash, becoming a mechanic in our garage, booking in cars and discussing what needs fixing and how. They have thoroughly enjoyed working in our outdoor petrol station, filling the cars up with unleaded and diesal! We enjoyed bringing our scooters to school and riding them in the outdoor area!
All of these activities have provided opportunities for speaking and listening, reading, writing, maths and working together as a team.

We used real bikes, looked closely at them and labelled the different parts such as seat, brakes, pedals.
We enjoyed creating our own vehicles using a variety of 2d and 3d shapes and discussed what we had created.


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