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Summer is here!

Our Summer 1 topic is 'What have the Romans done for us?'. During this topic we will be exploring: - Where the Romans came from - How they got to Britain - what they brought with them - How long they were in Britain To bring this topic to life, on the 25th of April, we will be going to Yorkshire Museum to 'visit' the Romans. Wish us luck!!

Yorkshire Museum Trip

On the 25.4.17, year 4 went on a fabulous trip to the Yorkshire Museum. The purpose of our trip was to explore the Romans in a more hands on way, looking at a range of artefacts: armours, mosaics, clothing, cooking utensils and buried bodies! Here are some pictures of from our trip.

Summer 2

Summer 2 - our last half term in year 4! During this half term we will be exploring a new topic: 'How do volcanoes erupt?'. During this topic, we will look in more detail at: - How volcanoes are made - The different layers of the Earth - How rocks are formed - What happens when a volcano erupts This should be an explosive topic ...


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