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Spring 2 - 'Is the rainforest more important to animals or humans?'

This half term we will be exploring the incredible world of the rainforest. We will be exploring: - Where rainforests are - The climate in the tropics - The affects of the monsoons - The different layers of the rainforest - The animals that live in the rainforest and how they are suited to their environment - The human impact on the rainforest (deforestation, global warming...)

Spring 1 - 'How has South America Visited you today?'

To kick off our topic we had a wonderful afternoon discovering different aspects of life in South America. We had 5 different stations: 1. Tropical fruit tasting 2. Table football 3. Compared poor and rich districts of Rio de Jeneiro 4. Made tribal jewellery 5. Looking at the endangered species of South America It was a fantastic way to begin our learning about South America and the children had a wonderful time!

Super work

Some examples of outstanding pieces of work completed by the year 4 children.


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