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Year 4 have made a brilliant start to the year and are looking forward to all that is still to come! For the remainder of the Autumn term we will continue to build up our understanding of the year 4 curriculum to be successfull learners.

This half term we will be working on our calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children are given weekly homework to support their learning in school.

We are currently learning how to structure our writing for effective, interesting writing. We will look closely at sentence structure as well as how to use paragraphs.

Our Wonder this half term is ... What did the Mayans do for us?
We are exploring who the ancient Mayan civilisation were and where they lived. We are looking at how they discovered the cocoa bean and put it into a hot, bitter drink. We are comparing how chocolate has changed to be like the bars of chocolate we enjoy today!


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