Remaining Open Day for Reception 2019/20 starters Wednesday 16th January 9.30-11am & 1.30-3pm

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Chinese New Year
The children in reception have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year celebrations. They have learned the story of the Great Race, learning about how the animals in the Chinese zodiac were chosen and how the emperor created a challenge for the animals to complete!

The children tasted a selection of Chinese foods such as prawn crackers, gluten balls and rice crackers. We discussed hwo they tasted. We are enjoying working in our Chinese Take away role play, taking orders over the phone and serving chinese food to the customers!
Outdoor Learning

We love our Welly Fridays! So far we have weeded the garden, acted out stories, problem solved how to transport water through drainpipes and hunted for minibeasts. We also made a plane with the crates on the field. We can't wait to see what we are doing next - fingers crossed for some snow this term!

The children in Reception have shown a particular interest in dinosaurs. We have created a number of different dinosaur areas and activities for the children to access for their learning so far. These include: * A dinosaur cave as a reading area in which children can read a selection of dinosaur fiction and non fiction texts. They can also create their own little 'my dinosaur book'. * We are enjoying our new dinosaur café creating buns and cakes using playdough. * A dinosaur small world area including a range of dinosaurs, key words and numbers to order. The children will continue to enjoy accessing 'dinosaur' activities linked to their learning.


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