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Leeds Fieldwork Visit

We had a great time in Leeds City Centre. We enjoyed carrying out lots of fieldwork and being real Geographers for the day.

STEM day

Year 5 have had a wonderful day today celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics day. We learnt all about bridges and how important they are. We even built some of our own. Which is your favourite? Why?

5B had lots of fun in the snow this morning. Once we had dried off and warmed up, we wrote a poem together about our day. We were extremely proud of it so wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

Surprised, I thought it would be a normal day,
But it was snowing - in an awful way.
I jumped out of bed like a kangaroo.
I wiped my eyes - could not believe it was true!
I leapt into the sledge in a winter wonderland,
But I wished the snow was as hot as sand.
Slushy, cold but interesting and enchanting,
We raced down the hill huffing and panting.
I was damp as a dog as I ran back inside,
From that hole I fell into, that hole was quite wide.
What a fabulous and magical day I have had,
Now the snow's started to melt, I feel rather sad. 

5B World Book Day

We have had a fabulous day celebrating all of our favourite authors and books. Look at our amazing costumes. Can you guess which characters we are?

5C visit to Leeds Grand Mosque

We had a great visit to Leeds Grand Mosque with 1S. We learnt lots about Islam and other cultures.

5B trip to Makkah Masjid Mosque

We had a very interesting trip to a Muslim place of worship. 5C will visit a different mosque on Thursday.

NSPCC Number Day

We did lots of Maths activities on NSPCC Number Day. Here are some of them.

Islam Afternoon - February

We had a great afternoon learning what Islam means to some of the children in our class. We saw special things that belong to them and some Mums even made us some food to try! A great afternoon was had by all.

Islam art morning

We were lucky enough to have a parent volunteer to teach us some new art techniques this morning. We created some beautiful prints inspired by Islamic art and had lots of fun.

Working hard - January

We have been working really hard in writing and have been drafting and redrafting pieces.


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