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Skipping Workshop!

Today 2F and 2W took part in a skipping workshop. We learnt lots of different types of skips and we will be looking out for children to take part in the skipping competition!


As part of STEM day, we looked at different bridges and the structure of them. We then used different materials such as; playdoh, junk modelling, multi link cubes and lego to create different bridges. We had to work as a team and we had to make sure that it could hold the weight of a toy car!


Today we had great fun researching our own insect in iTime. We used Ipads and non-fiction texts to find out lots of interesting facts about the animal or insect of our choice. We then presented our information to the rest of the class.

Roll up and Read!

Take a look at some of our fantastic costumes for World Book Day! Thank you to all of the parents who came in to read with the children!

2W Rodley Nature Reserve

We had a FANTASTIC time at Rodley Nature Reseve despite the cold, windy wet weather! We saw lots of different animals in their habitats. In the afternoon we completed three different activities; pond dipping, bird watching and we then had a talk from a Bee Keeping expert! We were so exhausted on the way home that some of us fell asleep!

Inter-house Dodgeball!

Today we took part in an inter-house dodge ball competition! Each team played a different team and the two winners played each other! We had great fun and we worked really hard as a team!

Problem Solving!
Could there be another Great Fire?

This term we have studied the Great Fire of London. As part of our topic, we have had great fun making our own models of London! We worked in groups to create our initial idea and then we made our own model using shoe boxes, different coloured paper and straw! We will post more pictures to show you the final result!


This week we have been working on money! We have been making lots of different amounts of money and adding and subtracting different amounts!


Here you will find the Topic web homework sheet for our topic. Could there be another Great Fire? Remember, Topic homework is optional. However, you could earn yourself some extra team points if you complete a task!


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