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Maths in the class!

We had lots of fun this morning when some of our parents and grandparents came in to our maths lesson to solve maths puzzles with us! We found lots of ways to make squares using 20 straws... Look carefully to see if you can find the squares that are hiding! How many squares can you count?

Bog Baby Habitats!

We made bog baby habitats for our homework!

Problem Solving!

We have been solving lots of exciting Maths problems in Year 2! This week our problem was called 2,4,6,8. We had to make as many number sentences as we could using only 2,4,6,8 and + - and =. Have a look at some of the number sentences that we made!

Franz Marc!

Here you will find the Topic web homework sheet for our first topic. Could a wild lion live in Leeds? Remember, Topic homework is optional. However, you could earn yourself some extra team points if you complete a task!

Autumn Newsletter

Look at what we are going to get up to in the Autumn term!


In Year 2, children learn to play the recorder! We started our lessons last week with Mrs Higgins and we have made a fantastic start. We have learnt the B note so far and we have learnt lots of new songs.


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