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What a topic!

Y4A have truly loved every aspect of our topic on the rainforest. So the question was: 'Is the rainforest more important to animals or humans?' Year 4 said: It's equally important to BOTH!

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Layers of the rainforest

We have been learning about the layers of the rainforest through art! Using different media (pastels, paint, paper, and other collage materials), we have created our own layered rainforest. Can you see the different layers starting to take shape?

STEM day (18/03/15)

As part of our Science day, we investigated how to clean dirty water. We have learnt that not everyone has clean water to drink and that we should not waste it. So we designed our own save water posters and wrote instructions for cleaning dirty water. We still wouldn't recommend drinking it though! More photos coming soon.

Homework Hall of Fame

Here are some of our outstanding pieces of homework for this term. If yours makes it into the hall of fame, you are rewarded with an EXTRA 10 team points!!!

Meunier, tu dors

In our most recent French lessons with Mrs Ajayi, we have been learning a traditional song called 'Meunier, tu dors' which is about a windmill (un moulin). We are looking forward to making 3D windmills in future lessons. How fast can you say: 'Ton moulin, ton moulin va trop vite. Ton moulin, ton moulin va trop fort' ?

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Rainforests - 4C

In 4C, we have been finding out about the different locations around the world where rainforests can be found. We discovered that South America had plenty of rainforests, so we decided to make salt dough maps of South America to show this! If you see any of us around school, why not ask us to name some of the countries in South America?

World Book Day 2015 - 4A

We were on a mission to complete the WBD 'Big Book Off'. Discover: places to find books outside of school! Check Create: a soundscape to evoke atmosphere or map a story! Check Explore: an illustration - 10 things I can see! Check Experience: teachers reading aloud! Check Imagine: a scene from a story using freeze-frame! Check Phew... we have been busy :-)

Come and Calculate!

We really enjoyed having our parents in to join us for maths on Wednesday 4th March. 4A were showing off their multiplication skills whilst 4C were subtracting. Thank you to all those that came. We look forward to seeing you again soon for more maths fun!

Loving our rainforests topic!

Linking our last topic on Brazil to our currect topic on rainforests, we have been making salt dough maps of South America. Did you know that over half of the Amazon rainforest, which is the biggest tropical rainforest in the world, is located in Brazil? Year 4 do!! We really enjoyed making and moulding the dough into the shape of this continent and are looking forward to adding the finishing touches (paint, flags, colour keys)!

New App Workshop

Year 4A loved learning how to use a new app on the iPads called 30hands. It's a great way to show what they have learnt. Here are just a few of the presentations children created about our topic on Brazil.

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30hands App workshop

Look at Y4A concentrating hard on their presentations using the new app 30hands.

Take a look at some of our star writers in Year 4 who have had their work published to a worldwide audience on the 'Lend Me Your Literacy' website!
Spelling Lists

Spelling lists are given out on Wednesdays with a test the following Wednesday. Children have opportunities throughout the week to practise the spelling rule and play spelling games. Check out our fantastic new online resource *Spellodrome* for extra practise! Simply sign in through Mathletics and click on the link. Happy Spelling!


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