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Saving the world - a rainforest at a time!

We have been focussing on our school's mission to save the world! The children began by researching rainforest animals, making collages and creating 'Popplets' on the iPads. We have investigated the 'wild gliders' of Borneo and made our own gliders which we adapted to try to create the ultimate rainforest glider. Our top glider (made by Bobbi) reached a fantastic distance of just over 9 metres! Something that we thoroughly enjoyed was making recycled paper - see photos for the steps. The best part of the week was sharing all our work with our parents and getting them to have a go too. We also wrote rainforest poems, painted our dream rainforests, sang songs about the rainforest and learnt about its different layers. Phew - we have been working hard!

World Book Day 2014

We have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day today. We have chosen Rapunzel as our traditional tale. This morning we compared 3 different versions of the story - the traditional tale, the film version'Tangled' and a parody called 'Shampoozel'. Different groups have had their own projects this afternoon - making a Rapunzel tower, performing a play of Shampoozel, researching the Brother's Grimm and making a life-size Rapunzel. Phew - we have been busy!

Happy New Year!

A short Animoto video of our journey together so far. We are currently enjoying using Animoto to make videos about David Walliams as we are reading his book 'Gangsta Granny' in our latest text study.

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