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Investors in Pupils

We all have individual personal targets to achieve. We track how well we are doing on our own special board in class. Year 3L are trying to reach the end of The Great Wall of China. Year 3H are flying off into outer space.

Year 3 have been problem solving in maths. We have used a variety of resources to help us find the answers. We found out that some problems can have lots of different answers!

Number Day

We have been doing lots of creative Maths activities for our 'Number day'. The best activity was the Maths trail around school! The whole school even had a 'longest carrot' and 'heaviest potato' competition!

Homework webs

Each half term we will hand out a homework web. Your child will need to choose a task from the web each week to complete.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Yorkshire Wildlifef Park. We saw lots of different animals including lions, tigers, leopards, camels, giraffes and meerkats. We also enjoyed a workshop all about the work the wildlife park does to help endangered animals.

Bird feeders

Following our recent topic on endangered animals, Year 3 decided that it wouold be a great idea to help our local wildlife. We have started this by making bird feeders. We used lard, bird seed and raisins and mixed them all together. We then put the mixture in a plaastic cup to set. It was very messy, but lots of fun! Why not try it at home!

Performance Poetry

Year 3 have been learning about performance poetry. Mrs Holmes' set practised a poem called 'The Fight of the Year' by Roger McGough. We discussed who would read each part and what actions we could include. We had to practise the poem several times. Finally we performed the poem in front of the class. Here is a few examples of our performances.

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Rock Hunt

We are looking at 'Rocks and Soils' in Science this half term. We went on a rock hunt around our school. What kind of rocks do you think we found?

Summer Term 1 - Can we make a healthy pizza?
St George's Day 2014

Thank you to everyone who wore their uniform to school on 23rd April. Here is a shot of the Year 3 children.

What does Health mean?

The children were experimenting with the app 'Popplet' to create an information web all about Health.

What can happen to our teeth?

The children helped to set up an investigation using hardboiled eggs. They left the eggs in a jar for a week covered in different liquids. Which liquid do you think made the most damage to the egg shell?

Teeth models

To help us learn about teeth, some of us made models using play dough. Do you know what the role of a molar/canine/incisor is?

What makes a healthy meal?

The children designed and made their own healthy meal plate.

Instruction writing

Miss Brophy's Literacy set iced and decorated a biscuit as a preparation for their sustained writing piece. The task was to write a set of instructions to help an alien. How would you give the instructions?

Summer term 2 - Life as a Viking!
Could you pull the sword from the stone?
Spring term 1 - Would you like to be a Knight on King Arthur's round table?


Spring term 2 - What is extreme weather?


Weather reports

Year 3 had a great time during Science week using the green screen to create their very own weather reports.

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Danelaw Viking Village

Year 3 had a fantastic time at Danelaw Viking Village. We dressed up like Vikings and carried out lots of different jobs. Here are just a few pictures from our day.


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