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We had LOTS of FUN making our very own LIVING PIRATE MUSEUM!!!!!!!! We worked with our friends to choose, research and create our very own exhibit for our Year 2 living pirate museum! We invited all the classes in school to come. We invited Mr Blackburn and Mrs Sowerby and all the other adults in school, and we invited our families! Everybody LOVED our museum and we had great fun creating it! Some of us sang songs. Some of us acted as famous pirates. Some of us made pirate food for visitors to taste. Some of us dressed up as pirates. We ALL had fun!!!!!

Year 2 Newsletters

Find out what exciting learning we are going to be doing throughout the year!


This is our scoreboard of Mathletics certificates. See who has been working reeeeaaaallly hard on developing their maths skills! Can you make it to the number 1 spot?!?!

Counting in tens!

Working hard in maths: number and calculation!

Playing with sentences!

We had fun in a creative writing workshop!

Is Judaism different to other religions I know?

We had a great time at the Jewish Heritage Centre! We visited the Shtetl to see what a traditional Jewish village would've looked like, we plaited and baked traditional Jewish Challah bread, we created decorative covers for our challah bread, we visited the synagogue and we had lots of fun!

Famous Author Visit!

We enjoyed our visit from the famous author/ illustrator Lynne Chapman! She showed us how to draw characters for stories, she read us one of her stories and she even drew Miss Whittaker! Why not check out some more of Lynne Chapman's books at the library!

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch Photostories

We made Photostories of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch as though we were the main character, Mr Grinling!

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Can we fix Mr Grinling's lighthouse?

We created electrical circuits and built our own working model lighthouses to see if we could help Mr. Grinling.

World Book Day!

Can you guess the book characters?

Describing the Giant on Tellagami!

We made characters of the Giant from Jack and The Beanstalk using the Tellagami app on the ipads. We used adjectives, noun phrases and adverbs to describe the giant in the first person.

Joe & Max
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DON'T READ THIS BOOK! Photostories

We loved reading 'Don't Read This Book' by Jill Lewis and Deborah Allwright! It is a story about a very demanding king who wants to hear a new story. Unfortunately the King's Story-Writer has lost his notes for the story and has to go on a funny journey to find them. We made Photostories on the iPads using pictures from the book. We also changed a part of the story. Watch and see if you can spot the parts Ali and Sophie and Tiegan and Rhiannon made up. Listen out for their expressive voices too!

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Using the ipads!

You can see some of us making our Photostories in the pictures.

What dinosaur is it?

In Science Week Year 2 received a very important message from a strange scientist asking for their help. He sent us lots of clues throughout the week and each clue led to a piece of evidence. The children had to solve the exciting clues and recover each piece of mysterious evidence. They then researched, using information books and the internet, to try and find out which dinosaur each piece of evidence pointed to. They were amazing scientists! After putting all of the evidence and their research skills together they worked out that the dinosaur was a ....... See if you can figure it out!

Mission complete!

The strange scientist sent us another message when we had completed the mission! He was very pleased with our success! He did give us one final challenge though...

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Meet Steggy!

If you guessed that it was a STEGOSAURUS... you were RIGHT!!!

Dinosaurs Galore!

In a wave of creativity we made awesome pictures using Pic Collage on the iPads! We then went one step further and used Pic Collage to create diagrams of dinosaurs with labels. We LOVE Pic Collage! :)

How BIG was the mighty T-Rex really?

During our research we discovered that fossilised T-Rex footprints show that T-Rex feet were about 1 metre long! We measured this out on the playground and drew it in chalk. Then we estimated how many of our feet would fit inside... Look at the pictures to find out! We then measured out the length of a T-Rex stride at a massive 3.7metres long! It took 5 children to stride the same length! Awesome maths :)

Explosive science!

We ended Science Week with a BANG!

Who is the best puppet maker in Year 2?

During our DINOSAUR topic we made dinosaur shadow puppets and dinosaur sock puppets!!! It was tricky but we had lots of perseverance and it was fun!

Shadow Showtime!

We made short films using our shadow puppets. Then we edited the films and added effects using iMovie. We filmed our short films in one take so there are a few live blips.... but they're still FAB!

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Gargantuan Dinosaurs!!!

Why not write something about dinosaurs? Did you enjoy learning about them? What did you enjoy the most? What was your favourite fact? What is your favourite dinosaur?

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  • 25-06-2014 - Miss StringerI'm really glad you enjoyed learning about dinosaurs! I did too! ;O)
  • 10-06-2014 - SophieI like the part when we done our dinosaur puppet show.
  • 08-06-2014 - KatieI enjoyed the topic and doing the drawings
  • 07-06-2014 - shanelleI wish that we could do it again miss stringer
  • 07-06-2014 - shanelleI liked doing the dinosaur work it was fun.
  • 06-06-2014 - lilyi really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs and my favourite dinosaur is a tyranosaurus rex

Would it be fun if i were a pirate? Check out our pirate ship which we made using PE equipment, a few props and a BIG imagination!

Nocturnal Animals!

We had a visit from some awesome animals! Check out the 'Animals in Tuition' website to find out more! Why not write about your favourite nocturnal animal here?

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  • 25-06-2014 - KatieI love nocturnal favourite won is a owl
  • 20-06-2014 - shanelleI wish that i could see more nocturnal animal.I rally want to do some more work on it.
We can follow instructions independently!

We made our own curly, bouncing snakes by following a set of instructions. It took lots of reading, concentration and understanding..... WE DID IT!! Look at the results!

Would it be fun if you were a pirate?

After finding out about the dark lives of real life pirates, what do you think and WHY?

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  • 27-06-2014 - AliI don't like to be a pirate because I hate steeling.
  • 20-06-2014 - shanelleI rally want to be a pirate.
Personification!!!! 25/6/14

Today the young writers of 2S wrote personification sentences about FIRE.... Read on to see how they used their writing skills to give FIRE human characteristics: KADEN - The fire flames danced into the sky. HARRISON - The enormous fire shook his flaming head at the sparkly, squirty water. SARAH - The fire stretched his arms to catch the wooden houses. SHANELLE - The colourful, orange fire stretched its red, burning arms to the sky. AYIN - Quickly but quietly the fire jumped from house to house. RAYHAAN - The fire climbed up the tree, then burned the houses. MATTHEW - The fire covered its face because it was scared of the water. KATIE - The warm fire walked slowly across the long, black street, stopping off at each wooden house. The toasty fire waved at the tall houses. SAM - The fire stretched and danced from house to house. YAZMIN - The fire was eating the sticks. What do YOU think? Can you write a personification sentence about FIRE?

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  • 27-06-2014 - Ali I like super sentences!
Leeds Rhinos Dance Workshop

Check out the cool moves in our dance workshop! May 2014


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