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We all welcome you all back to Nursery for another academic year!! Hello to our new starters and a ‘nice to see you again’ to our more mature students!! We hope you all had a wonderful summer and are glad to be back in our nurturing, educational environment. After the initial period of settling in, we hope both children and their Parent/Carers are happy and comfortable with our routines.

We have already learned lots of new things since coming back in September. We have been learning all about ‘Ourselves’, the similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends. We have been looking closely at our facial features and talking about things like earlobes and nostrils! We have looked in mirrors; drawn around ourselves; completed symmetrical pictures of our faces; designed and made Gingerbread people in cooking; made robots; to name but a few of the activities we have undertaken!! We have been very busy! Maybe you could talk with your child about the similarities and differences between them and others?

In Nursery we have been talking about keeping ourselves clean and healthy. We have been talking about 'how' to stay healthy. We have had a particular focus on teeth and how to keep them healthy. We talked about the food that we should and should not eat regularly, washing twice a day and visiting the dentist. Ask your child what they know about dental care and encourage them to wash their teeth twice a day.

We are back to learning our Numbers, Shapes, Colours, Letters and Sounds. We would appreciate it if you the Parent/Carers could encourage this learning by taking one of the packs at the door to compound what we are learning daily in the room. Remember you are your child’s first educator! Look on the display weekly to know which sound is the letter of the week and answer the question daily, as this gives us an insight into your child’s knowledge and understanding of the learning that is occurring within the room.

Dear Parent/Carers,
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