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Ireland Wood Children's Centre

Ireland Wood Children's Centre supports a number of local Primary Schools. Please be aware that at a place in our nursery does not automatically guarantee a place in Ireland Wood Primary School. Please ensure that your child attends the Children's Centre regularly. If they are unable to attend for any reason, please contact us on 01132817829. Thank you!!

Summer 2012

Nursery have learnt to write their own names. We have used lots of different media to write our names. Here we are using letter stencils and the interactive whiteboard.

We are learning to count in ones...
in twos to twenty....
and in tens to a hundred.
We are learning about patterns and...
Spring 2012
We enjoyed getting messy with the beans. We also tried custard, rice pudding, foam and jelly.

Enjoying some of the activities in our Nursery!! We have great fun!!

Autumn 2011
Welcome back and already we are all hard at work, exploring; getting involved with new activities; making new friends; doing 'Magic Learning' and 'Music and Movement'.

This year, Zoe is our Room Supervisor and Amanda is our Deputy Room Supervisor. All the staff are highly trained and we tailor our activities and learning to match your child's needs. We work closely with professionals from all different agencies to ensure this. If you have any worries or questions about your child's time in nursery, please look at the Key Workers board and see who works closely with your child and ensures your child's time at nursery is happy and productive!

We hope to achieve many things this year, but we mostly hope that your child is happy at our nursery.

Welcome back to the children that attended last year and a BIG warm welcome to the new children that started in September.
Outdoor Activities

Enjoying Diwali, going to the fire station and Christmas. Going to see Santa Claus at Ralph Thorseby, thanks to the pupils there!


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