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PSHCE - learning about how to treat our peers.

Today in RM we had a lesson all about how to treat other people. We had two apples and we passed the first one around and all said something nice to it. We then passed around the second apple and whispered unkind things to it. The apples still looked the same on the outside, but once we had cut into them we saw that the apple we had been unkind to was bruised inside, whilst the one we had said good things to was still juicy and good to eat. The children were all brilliant at understanding that unkind words can hurt us, even if we can't see any differences on the outside. We all said sorry to the bruised apple and one of the children suggested giving it a hug to make it better!

Autumn in Reception!

We have been super busy this half term in Reception. We have really enjoyed going outside to explore on Welly Fridays, looking at all of the changes now that it is Autumn. We have done lots of fun Halloween activities such as lantern making, spider Maths and making magic potions. This week we learnt all about camouflage and used leaves to try to camouflage ourselves - we even had a go at hiding Miss Mayhew! We have also been learning all about the beebots and how to program them, and Miss Lawrence found a huge wasps nest for us to look at - it was really exciting!


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