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Living Museum!

WOW! What a FANTASTIC Museum Year 2 created all about Neil Armstrong and Captain Cook! They researched all of the information for themselves, and decided how they wanted to present it! Well done everyone! :)

How can we grow our own salad?

Throughout Summer 1, Year Two have been learning about what a plant needs in order to survive. We carried out a cress investigation, then we planted our own pot of cress to look after during the holidays!

Summer Newsletter!
Telling the time!

Year 2 have been working extremely hard to learn to tell the time. We have focused on; o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and some of us have moved onto telling the time to the nearest five minutes!

How can we grow our own salad?

This term our question is 'How can we grow our own salad?' The children will be learning all about the features of plants. They will explore how seeds grow into plants and we will be doing an investigation using cress.


This term the children's writing will be based on the story 'Stuck'. The children will be learning about how to use conjunctions to add more detail to their sentences.


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