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    Charity in the community (22nd July 2016)

    Reception have been learning about charity this half term and many of them have donated their tuck shop money (20p) to a local charity shop called 'Kidz in Kampz'. Today a group of us visited the shop to donate the money we had raised - a total of sixty-two 20p coins which equalled 12.40. Not a lot you might think but, we learnt from Madge and her friends who run the charity shop that, this would be enough to feed 120 children in Thailand a dinner of rice and vegetables each! All the Reception staff were very proud of the children for their kind donations. Kidz in Kampz is located just near Asda Holt Park and would welcome any donations you might have. Money raised also goes towards education and medical procedures for children in Thailand.

    Sports Day (4th July)

    WOW! What a great day we have had. Reception thoroughly enjoyed all the races and activities and the glorious sunshine!

    90th Birthday Celebrations (10th June)

    We really enjoyed celebrating the Queen's Official 90th Birthday today. We made commemorative plates and ate birthday cake!

    Visit From Cookridge Fire Station (10.06.16)

    Today we enjoyed a quick visit from the firemen at Cookridge fire station. Before the holidays we had written letters to the fire station inviting them to come to our school and they came! They had to put out a tractor fire before they could come to visit us but we got to hear the siren, see the flashing lights and even spray the hose! We have really enjoyed learning about people in our community that help us.

    Writing inspired by our firemen visit

    Here are a few examples of the letters we wrote to the firemen and our reviews of the visit afterwards.

    Sun Hat Friday!

    We have really enjoyed the change in weather this week and have renamed 'Welly Friday' - 'Sun Hat Friday' which the children found hilarious. Please can we remind you to send your child appropriate items for the weather, e.g. a light raincoat and wellies or a sunhat and suncream which should all be labelled with your child's name and class. As the weather is heating up, we would also like to remind you that your child can bring in a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day although we do provide drinking water and milk.


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