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Curriculum at Ireland Wood Primary School
Each year group has a long term plan which allows for flexibility and change. It sets out topics which are ‘driven’ by a National Curriculum subject and are led by an investigative question. These topics can be covered at any time throughout the year at the teacher’s discretion. This means that they can be moved around to fit in with other things going on in school. This flexibility allows for child-directed investigating and learning. The Rainbow Continuum (Liz Greensides) is then used to support planning to ensure that all children are accessing the Curriculum at their own level. We always aim to begin the topic with a 'hook' to engage the children from the beginning. This may be a visit, a film clip, an artefact or many more! Take a look at some of the pictures below, showing various visits and events  that the children have been involved with to start their topic.

Every Friday, Reception take part in Welly Friday! This involves the teachers planning and delivering sessions to the children outside based on the children's current interests and topics. They go outside whatever the weather!

Year 1 - Why is the Ipad more exciting than Grandpa's old toys?

Year 1 completed a topic looking at toys from the past. To begin their topic they went on a visit to Abbey House Museum where they learnt about lots of different toys. Pictures to follow!

Year 2 - Could a wild lion live in Leeds?

Year 2 learnt all about wild lions, with a particular focus on their habitat. They also learnt about the difference between a continent and a country. They used world maps to locate the different continents. To start their topic, they had a visit from Mags at Animals In Tuition! She brought with her lots of different animals and insects from all over the world. Year 2 were very lucky and were able to hold some of them.

Year 3 - Who is Mr Salt?

This term, Year 3 used History as their driving subject. They learnt all about Saltaire. To begin their topic, Year 3 spent a wonderful day in Saltaire. They looked around Salts Mill, visited Roberts Park, had lunch in Victoria Hall then went on a guided costume tour of the settlement.

Year 4 - What have the Aztecs done for us?

Year 4 began with a History driver, learning all about the Aztecs. They used many artefacts within their topic lessons. To begin their topic, Year 4 visited the Chocolate Story Museum in York. They had a fantastic time!

Year 5 - Would I want to be a Londoner?

Wow! Year 5 started their year with a History driver. They learnt all about London! To begin their topic, they held a Harry Potter day at school. Year 5 also went on a FANTASTIC residential to London where they went to the Harry Potter Studios!

Year 6 - Was it really a Great War?

Year 6 have just finished their fantastic History driver, learning all about World War One. At the end of their topic, they attempted a Re-enactment of the famous Christmas Truce of 1914. Props were made, Silent Night was sung and a match was played..... In true historic fashion, The Germans won 2-1 before returning to their 'trenches'.

Throughout your child's topic sessions, they will have iTime sessions in order to allow them to explore specific ideas of interest based on the general topic. The teachers will allow the children to choose what they find out and choose how they will find it out. The children are then given time to present their ideas to an audience. Again, the children are allowed to choose how they will present their ideas. It may be as a poster, presentation or a poem. Examples of iTime throughout the school will be added to the page shortly!
  • To help our children become independent life-long learners and thinkers, with the ability to problem solve.
  • To ensure children develop a thirst and excitement for learning, enabling every child to learn beyond their potential.
  • To ensure our children are nurtured, well-rounded, happy individuals with the confidence and skills to make a positive contribution to society.
In order to achieve our aims, we need to:
  • Provide transferable life skills through a fun, positive, practical environment, which allows for learning experiences both inside and outside of school.
  • Ensure children have equal opportunities, regardless of race, gender, culture, religion, ability within a nurturing environment.
  • Develop the children’s unique personalities by giving them opportunities to learn in their own ways.
  • Teach children to learn and grow from their mistakes.
  • Ensure children are literate and numerate.

The Ireland Wood Primary School wider Curriculum consists of:
  • A rigorous creative curriculum that ensures that Reading, Writing and Maths skills are learnt and applied in a variety of purposeful contexts.
  • Hands-on opportunities to access the curriculum through the use of our garden and cooking facilities; and instrument tuition.
  • Well-being: emotional and social.
  • Social skills for life and opportunities for children to be heard and contribute to their community: Lunchtime Helpers, Playtime Helpers, TOMIs, Peer Mediators, Reception Buddies, School Council and International School Council.
  • A wide range of educational visits and extra- curricular clubs.
  • Outdoor learning


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