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Dragons' Den!

Each group designed and made a presentation about a gadget that Alex Rider, the hero from our class novel, might use. The 'Dragons' were our own home grown type! But we witnessed some excellent persuasion and super speaking from our Y6s. Not so much from our dragons.......!!)

Homework leading up to SATs!

Your should be bringing home a long task list today (Wednesday, 1 April) giving details of how we want you to use your SAT Busters booklets. Over the two week holiday period, we would like you to complete at least two full sections from the Number, Shape/Data and Measures, Mental Maths booklets. And two full sections from your Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling booklets. There are also 2 reading comprehensions to have a go seems a lot, but do a little every day and you will keep up the fantastic progress you have made so far. Good Luck! (All tasks to be in ON Monday, 20 April) Mrs Amos and Mrs Spruce

Write A Message

    SATs are a-coming!
    The magical month of May is just around the corner and that is important to us at the end of KS2, as we will take our SATs in the week of 11th May....
    If you want to spend some extra time at home preparing yourself, then there are some extra powerpoints displayed on our Maths Curriculum page for you to work through.
    And there is also this website I have found on any of the website addresses and you will be taken there!

    Good Luck with your studying!
    Mrs Amos x
    Science/Stem day 2015

    What a fantastic time we had building Water Delivery Systems today! We worked in teams of 5 or 6 and, by using bamboo sticks, pieces of guttering and elastic bands, we worked as teams creating a system to transport water. It was great fun!

    Day 3 Low Mill 2015

    A good breakfast, then our final activity, followed by certificate presenting by Sarah, Adam and Katie! And finally home......(Yes, guys, I did start a sentence with 'And'.....exceptional circumstance, I think!! But you can't do it.)

    Low Mill Day 2 2015

    After a good sleep (from 10.15pm!!), we got up, showered (yes, mums, we did!) ate breakfast and began our programme of zip wiring, canoeing and abseiling! A roast dinner to end the day, followed by a Night Walk around Askrigg.

    Low Mill Day 1 2015

    And we're off! After an eventfree journey, lasting about 2 hours, we arrived, ate lunch (Thanks mums and dads!) and walked for an hour and half to Aysgarth Falls.... Exhausted, we are now waiting for our tea!

    A Poet calls...

    Throughout the month of February, local poet, James Nash came as part of the Headingley Litfest. Over this period, we drafted and redrafted poems on a theme of 'Something Else', linked to our Class Novel 'Millions' by Frank Cottrell Boyce. James encouraged us to consider things that are important to us, that cannot be bought.... friendship love trust loyalty parents/family laughter freedom feelings personality the world wisdom

    A visit from a Northern Contemporary dancer!

    Tracey from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance came to work with us in February. We looked at working in unison and working independently, exploring our similarities and differences.

    Y6 Basketball Bonanza!

    Part of our PE curriculum this year is encouraging us to work more independently and it also plays to our individual strengths. Each one of us has a role to play - from coach, to manager to statistician! Ask your child what part they play in learning Basketball this term. More photos to follow.... and a Basketball Festival with rivals, Y5!


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