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Homework Hall of Fame

Here is a selection of some of our best pieces of homework. We are proud of the effort we put into it and Mrs Ajayi looks forward to seeing what we have chosen to do each week.

Tour de France Week July 2014

This week we have become experts on the Tour de France (if I do say so myself!) The children have enjoyed learning all about the different jerseys, the history of the world's biggest cycling race, and have made special TdF pop-up cards in our DT lessons. Vive la France! Vive Yorkshire!

Cross Country Fun!
(Health & Safety Day 5th June 2014)
Before                                                                                       After    

Living Museum

The children thoroughly enjoyed putting on their living museum for parents and family members today. It was a huge success and we thank everyone for coming and joining in. It was a lovely way to end our topic on Singapore.

A Taste of Singapore

Today (21.05.14) we are trying some Singaporean/Chinese foods: Moon cakes Sun cakes Pandan cakes (lots of cakes) Peanut butter mochi Durian (a fruit) Chicken rice (Singapore's national dish) Char sui pao

Tag Rugby

Summer 1 PE lessons with Mr McVeigh & Mrs Ajayi

Tropical World / Roundhay Park

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip as part of our Science/Literacy/Geography topics. (7th May 2014) We loved hunting for minibeasts and had some really good finds (a millipede, an earwig, and a black ladybird with red spots just to name a few!) It was good to experience what a tropical climate would feel like and we were on the look out for any animals that may live in Singapore. All in all, a fantastic trip. Well done to all the children for behaving so well :-)


A group of us went to the garden this afternoon (14.05.14) to plant our carrot and radish seeds. Let's hope we get a good crop!


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